Great Lakes Industrial Knife is recognized throughout the Woodworking Industry as a leading manufacturer of high quality Chipper, Veneer, Roll Splitter and Planer knives. Performance engineered, our Chipper, Veneer, Roll Splitter and Planer knives meet or exceed OEM specifications.

  • High-Tech Metallurgy
  • “Super finished” razor edge technology
  • Expert regrind/sharpening service
  • Made in the USA

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Product List

Great Lakes Industrial Knife manufactures Machine knives for all types of cutting machines.

Our Machine Knives are precision manufactured to extremely close tolerances.

  • Short lead time on custom orders
  • Expert regrind service
  • Made in USA
  • Proven extreme condition materials for maximum wearability, toughness and performance

Performance Engineered Metallurgy

  • Alloy tool steels
  • D-2 High carbon/High chrome tool steel
  • High speed steels
  • Powdered metals, CPM 10V®, CPM M4®
  • Composite tool steels
  • High performance stainless steels
  • Solid Stellite®
  • Inlaid Stellite®
  • Zirconia ceramics
  • Tungsten Wc & Titanium carbide hard metals TiC Ferro-Tic®
  • ICE™ Inlaid Carbide Extreme

Stellite® is Registered Trademark of Deloro Stellite Company Inc.
Ferro-TiC® is a registered trademark of Pacific Sintered Metals
CPM 10V®, CPM M4® are registered trademarks of Crucible Materials Corp.