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What is “performance engineered” metallurgy?

“Performance engineered” metallurgy is a process by which we choose the best-suited materials to maximize wear ability and toughness.

How do I know if I have a wear problem?

All knives wear, we will analyze the application and recommend a material to increase your up time.

I have a chipping problem, what can I do to overcome it?

Chipping problems can be tackled by increasing the degree of the primary bevel.

Light gage sheared strips stick to our shear blades, is there a solution?

To eliminate this sticky problem, we can “de-mag” the blades after sharpening!

The ends of my paper trimmer knife are digging into the plastic cutting stick, but the center is not touching it, why is this?

The knife has “edge-bow”, we have both “edge-bow” and “flatness” straightening capabilities.

How can we reduce paper dust?

Paper dust can be reduced by “super-finishing” the cutting edge to a 0-2Ra surface finish. We have capabilities to super finish both straight and circular knives.

What is your turn around time for sharpening?

Our normal turn around time for sharpening is five days or less, emergency re-grinding is usually not a problem!

Why should I use a nickel binder tungsten carbide?

We recommend using a nickel binder tungsten carbide when there is a corrosion issue.

Do you sinter hip your tungsten carbide knives?

Yes, every tungsten carbide knife manufactured is sinter hipped to eliminate any micro porosity.

Do you have a stocking program for specially manufactured machine knives?

We are happy to initiate a “make and hold for release” stocking program tailored to your company’s usage. Call us at 888-665-1200 to discuss your special requirements.

What is the lead time if I order a custom made knife?

Normal lead-times are 4-8 weeks, but could be longer depending on the material being used to manufacture the knife.

Does your company accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.