Great Lakes Industrial Knife manufactures and resurfaces Die Plates for all underwater pelletizer machines including Crown/CDL Technologies, Gala, Berstorff, Beringer, Black Clawson, Dynisco, Farrel and Werner & Pfleiderer.

Our Underwater Melt Cutter Die Plates are CNC manufactured to extremely close tolerances.

  • Thru holes wire cut to exact size and profile
  • Solid ring hard face construction as well as tiled faces
  • Precision ground surface finish
  • Mirror super finishing available on die face
  • Vacuum bond brazing
  • Ceramic die capillary insulation inserts
  • Tungsten carbide capillary wear inserts
  • Hastelloy® Haynes alloy C-276 insulation rings
  • Carbon steel or stainless steel die bodies

Performance Engineered Metallurgy

  • Wc Tungsten carbide wear surface material
  • TiC Titanium carbide Ferro-tic® wear surface material
  • Stellite® wear surface material
  • Inconel 625

Stellite® is Registered Trademark of Deloro Stellite Company Inc.
Hastelloy® is a registered trademark of Haynes International, Inc.