Great Lakes Industrial Knife manufactures Helical Pelletizer Rotors for all machine makes and models including Conair, Rieter/Automatik, Ikegai and Cumberland.

Featuring bolt-on, wedge lock, solid head helical pelletizer rotors and Bed knives.

Our Helical Pelletizer Rotors are CNC manufactured to extremely close tolerances.

  • Bolt-in Helical Pelletizer rotors
  • Wedge lock Helical Pelletizer rotors
  • Solid head Helical Pelletizer rotors
  • Expert in house sharpening service, match ground sets
  • CNC sharpening to OEM specs, .0005″ concentricity
  • Complete mig weld repairs including bearing journals, eccentrics, rotor bodies & shafts
  • Rotor balancing
  • Exact tooth profiles – mirror finishes
  • Tungsten carbide surface coating
  • Bed knives
  • Proven extreme condition materials for maximum wearability, toughness and production

Performance Engineered Metallurgy

  • High wear alloy tool steels
  • D-2 High carbon/High chrome tool steel
  • Powdered metals, CPM 10V®, CPM M4®
  • High performance stainless steels
  • Composite tool steels
  • Solid Stellite®
  • Inlaid Stellite®
  • Zirconia ceramics
  • Wc Tungsten Carbide and TiC Titanium Carbide hard metals
  • ICE™ Inlaid Carbide Extreme

Stellite® is a registered trademark of Deloro Stellite Company Inc.
Ferro-TiC® is a registered trademark of Pacific Sintered Metals
CPM 10V®, CPM M4® are registered trademarks of Crucible Materials Corp.