Great Lakes Industrial Knife is a leading manufacturer of strand cut and underwater pelletizer knives and dies for virtually all machine makes and models including Beringer, Gala, Conair, Rieter/Automatik, Ikegai and Cumberland as well as many more. Our experienced and skilled engineers and machinists manufacture a wide variety of strand cut pelletizer rotor knives, underwater pelletizer knives, helical pelletizers, bolt-on pelletizer knives right here in the USA! Call us today at (888) 665-1200, email us at, or use the form at the bottom of this page to leverage our decades of experience to solve your pellet cutting challenges.

All of our Pelletizer knives are precision manufactured to extremely close tolerances.

We also offer pelletizer knife grinding, CNC pelletizer knife sharpening, and pelletizer equipment.

  • Under water Pelletizer die face manufacturing, grinding & refacing
  • Precision manufactured to extremely close tolerances
  • Burr-free razor sharp edges
  • Expert in house sharpening service, match ground sets
  • Computerized inventory control
  • Stock delivery on standard knives
  • Proven extreme condition materials for maximum wearability, toughness and production

Performance Engineered Metallurgy

  • High wear alloy tool steels
  • D-2 High carbon/High chrome tool steel
  • Powdered metals, CPM 10V®, CPM M4®
  • Composite tool steels
  • High performance stainless steels
  • Solid Stellite®
  • Inlaid Stellite®
  • Zirconia ceramics
  • Wc Tungsten & TiC Titanium carbide hard metals
  • ICE™ Inlaid Carbide Extreme

Stellite® is a registered trademark of Deloro Stellite Company Inc.
Ferro-TiC® is a registered trademark of Pacific Sintered Metals
CPM 10V®, CPM M4® are registered trademarks of Crucible Materials Corp.

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