Great Lakes Industrial Knife has pioneered the age of brazed tool steels. Like ICE™, Inlaid Carbide Extreme, we have several unique brazing techniques that allow us to bond a hardened tool steel cutting edge to a “soft” or “heat refined” backing steel. Primarily used to reduce the costs associated with solid through hardened tool steels.Our inlaid composite tool steel machine knives are built to last. Let Great Lakes Industrial Knife performance engineer a composite that is right for your cutting application.

  • Inlaid Carbon Alloy Tool Steel
  • Inlaid M-2 High Speed Steel
  • Inlaid 18% Tungsten High Speed Steel
  • Inlaid Stellite®
  • Inlaid CPM 10V®

Metallurgy - Composite Inlaid Tool Steels - Great Lakes Industrial Knife