Great Lakes Industrial Knife manufactures Sheeter Knives for every machine make and model.

We manufacture Sheeter Knives for Beck, Bielomatik, Clark-Aiken, Didde, Egan, ECH Will, Harris, Jagenberg, Hamblett, Lamb-Grays, Lenox, Maxson, Moore & White, Smith & Winchester & Rosenthal.

Standard web, cross-cut, and folio precision sheeter knives.

Our Sheeter Knives are manufactured to extremely close tolerances.

  • Dust-free cutting edge technology
  • Mirror surface finishes on bevels
  • Machined honed accuracy
  • Expert regrind service – match ground sets
  • Straightening service insures maximum parallelism
  • Proven extreme condition materials for maximum wearability, toughness & production
  • Made in the USA

Performance Engineered Metallurgy

  • Solid D-2 high carbon/high chrome tool steels
  • Inlaid 18% tungsten high speed steels
  • Inlaid Stellite®
  • Powdered metals, CPM 10V®, CPM M4®
  • ICE™ Inlaid Carbide Extreme

Stellite® is Registered Trademark of Deloro Stellite Company Inc.
CPM 10V®, CPM M4® are registered trademarks of Crucible Materials Corp.